Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Surprise

I like, no LOVE, good surprises.

Most people who know me are shocked that I didn't/don't want to know the gender of the baby before delivery. I am usually categorized as a person who likes to have things mapped out, organized, planned, orderly, and done exactly the way I want - except when it comes to surprises. I am still over the moon that I had no clue, not one inkling that Aaron was going to propose when he did. I was shocked! I am forever thankful for that. I have a knack of being able to figure things out before I'm supposed to.

At Christmas or around my birthday, Aaron will say, "Hayley, don't look in the top drawer of my bedside table. You have gift there." I tell you, you'd have to come at me with a hot branding iron to get me to look. In fact, he could tell me not to look, and then wrap the gift sitting right beside me - and - I promise I would not even peek. If I saw, it would be an accident, and I would cry. Seriously. I don't want to know. Then, he has to remove all traces of the gift because I find things I don't want to see. Like receipts. Like sacks from the store where he purchased the gift. Then I am sad because I didn't want to know.

That brings me to this ultimate surprise. There is not one human being who knows for sure the gender of this little baby. Not one. Only God knows. There is no need to hide anything from me. No receipts, no boxes, no sacks. There is no need to tell me not to look somewhere. It is more than the anticipation for a Christmas gift. It is more than the excitement of a birthday gift. It the ultimate surprise!

P.S. Sometimes at Christmas or on my birthday, I am almost sad to open a gift because the anticipation and the surprise is over. Not this time. I am SO ready to feast my eyes on, hold, cuddle, love on, and kiss this surprise.

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  1. It is SOOO the ultimate surprise!!! I, like you, thought it was so cool that only God knew!! Ahhh, that sweet moment of surprise is THIS MONTH, oh my!!! love ya girl!