Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Favorites So Far

You know me and figure skating...
{Aaron even proposed on ice!}
Anyway - I love, love, love the long program outfit/costume of Aliona Savchenko (pairs) of Germany. It is hard to see the back, but she has light pink rosettes. Lovely.

I love the American snowboarders pants - they look like ripped up jeans, but from what I can tell, they aren't really denim. So snowboardy.

I loved watching Hannah Kearney win the gold medal on moguls.
I loved watching Seth Wescott win the gold in snowboard cross. (pictured above)
I love watching Apolo Ohno.



  1. I'm lovin the olympics too, i can't watch the ice skaters without thinking of you!! I LOVE your quilts!! can't wait to see which one you use!!

  2. I agree - totally looks like they (the snowboarders) are wearing jeans!! I asked Brian that about 5 times.

    We are staying up far too late watching each night. But it's so much fun!!

    How are you feeling??