Monday, December 7, 2009

Grandma's Recipe Book

I had a crazy idea this past summer...
before I was pregnant.
before we moved to Oklahoma.
before...well, before a lot of things.

That idea was to put Grandma Belle's favorite recipes into a cookbook scrapbook, but then, I knew if I made one other people in my family would want one, and it is too hard to make a bunch of them. So, I offered to purchase the supplies, make the original, and put together kits so that all the women could make one. That meant supplies for 10 books. That meant cutting out 10 of everything. That meant several trips to Staples to use their paper cutters because I am no longer employed at a school where I have access to awesome paper cutters - and - I have no idea how many millions of cuts I had to make through this process, but my little scrapping paper cutter would not have "cut" it. (a joke...)

So, for my family on my Mom's side, who will put together the books in a couple of weeks - here is a sneak peek of what is to come. The photos aren't necessarily great due to the fact that this Arizona lizard isn't use to sub-freezing temperatures outside (I'm not complaining because I get to wear my cute maternity coat and my newly made Christmas scarf - photos to come...) and was not going to go outside to photograph them, and because I don't have a DSLR camera...which I'm hoping Santa can help me with at some point because there is a baby coming. Anyway, the supplies made the move with me to Oklahoma, and as I was making the book I lamented the fact that Oklahoma does not have the a.m.a.z.i.n.g. scrapbook stores that AZ has. I've been to quite a few here, and they are cute, but Phoenix's are just superior and unbelievable.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Dear Mr. Monk,
Thank you for all the fun years of episodes where we got to watch you use your amazing gift to solve crimes. I loved laughing at your idiosyncrasies, but I always felt sorry for you in my heart. I couldn't imagine not knowing why Trudy was murdered. I've always felt a thankfulness to Captain Stottlemeyer, Natalie, and Randy for helping you out, trusting you, and having compassion on you. (Sharona, too, but she was kind of bratty to you...)

I'm thankful you were finally able to solve Trudy's murder, that you didn't die, and that you were finally able to find some happiness. My husband, who claimed to not like your show, even rewatched last week's episode and then watched last night's conclusion with me - and - I think he is even sad that your show is now over.

As your goodbye song says, I know I'm gonna miss you since you're gone!

P.S. At least I can still laugh at Shawn and Gus and watch the well-dressed Neal Caffrey - but - they aren't you.