Monday, October 26, 2009

Farm Shoes

This is what happens when...
Hayley packs Aaron clothing to last a couple of weeks while they wait to move into a place to call home, and she forgets to pack Aaron "farm" shoes, so Aaron has to beg Hayley's brother to loan him some "farm" shoes, but the shoe laces in the shoes Nicholas has to loan Aaron have been chewed to smithereens by his two cats, so Hayley feels badly about it and pulls the shoe laces from her "farm" shoes to give to Aaron, and then she has no shoe laces in her "farm" shoes to wear on walks and other farm adventures, and she really doesn't want to have to buy shoestrings (that would be too normal), so they resort to taping them on her feet.
It actually works quite well in a pinch!


My last day at school was Friday, October 9. Saturday and Sunday were spent packing, and then Aaron got the truck Monday. We loaded all day Monday and Tuesday. Aaron's dad took off in the big truck Wednesday morning, and we stayed behind to load another trailer and clean the house/touch up paint, etc... Aaron and I left Wednesday afternoon (10/14 ~ goodbye Arizona). We drove until late, spent the night somewhere in New Mexico, and drove all day Thursday. We got to my grandparents late Thursday - just in time to eat Grandma's yummy stew and cornbread! We spent most of Friday unloading the truck and trailers into a huge storage unit in OKC, returning the truck and trailers, and crashing at my grandparents' house again. Saturday, Aaron and Grandpa took Aaron's dad to the airport, and we drove to Fairview where my parents live.
We have been relaxing and hanging out at my parents' farm since. We did find a rental in Edmond that we will be able to move into next week. My cousin, Kourt, helped me find a doctor, and I have my first appointment scheduled.

(The photo is on one of our many walks on the farm.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Baby Afghan Story

I was finally allowed to tell my students that I wouldn't be returning after fall break on Wednesday, October 7. In 3rd hour I have a sweet student named Kamry. Here is how the story goes:

I told the class I wouldn't be returning.
Kamry: "No, that ruins everything!"
Mrs. Abbott gives her a curious look.
Kamry: "I was going to make you a baby blanket."
Mrs. Abbott: "That is really sweet."
Kamry: "I guess I'll just have to mail it to you."
Mrs. Abbott: smile

Thursday (before school):
Kamry runs in my classroom, & she pulls out a small, crocheted yellow square to show me. It was the beginning of my baby blanket. I oohed and ahhed over it.

Friday (beginning of 3rd hour):
Kamry runs in my classroom, & she hands me a gift bag. I open it, and unbelievably, I pull out a completed, lovely, soft-as-can-be baby afghan. I was shocked. She told me that she and her mom and grandma stayed up Thursday night to finish it.

How do you say an appropriate thank you for that kind of generosity, kindness, and out-pouring of love from an 8th grader? I don't think it is possible.

Then...Natasha, another student in the same class, hands me another gift bag, and inside is the tiniest, most precious baby beanie (cap). I gasped again. She had knitted it for me. Once again, how do you say thank you?

This is what I will miss. When the world looks at me in disbelief that I actually prefer junior high to elementary or high school...this is why. They are not all obnoxious, smart-mouthed, lazy kids. Of course, some are...but, some are sweet, thoughtful, gentle, and amazing.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Well, I'm officially a housewife! I'm super thrilled, and I can't wait to put all the effort I used to pour into my classroom into housewifery...and soon: motherhood! Here is part of my new list of things to do!

*Homemade cinnamon rolls
*Homemade Bierox (Mom, are you willing to help me?)
*Sew 2 baby quilts (a boy one and a girl one)
*Make yummy soups (Oklahoma has better soup weather than Phoenix.)
*Use our flannel sheets again
*Go on long walks
Yesterday was emotional to say the least. It started out with having to say goodbye to my principal of 6 years. I've never worked for anyone or done any one job for that long. (He got teary, folks, yes.he.did.) It was awkward again with the new teacher in the room, but we played Pulse, a fun game Becca taught me. I didn't cry at all saying goodbye to the students, but I was so touched by the efforts of two young gals. The story of the afghan and baby beanie will come soon. Then after I made it through the short half-day, I went up to the office to sign my keys over, and there they were: the two former students I had prayed would come see me. Seth and Garrett. I told them that if I have a son that turns out half as wonderful as they are, I would consider myself blessed. The two sophomore heart-throb athletes (The first time I saw Seth, he was on ESPN playing in the Little League Championships.) are amazing young fellows. They remembered my birthday last year, and came to see me. So, when they heard I was moving and that I was pregnant, they came to wish me, farewell, and to give me a hard copy of Winnie the Pooh, and two adorable baby outfits. I sobbed. It meant the world to me. Many others showed up, too, and I was deeply touched. Then I had my first baby shower. Such fun, adorable gifts! Then I had to say goodbye to my friends that I had worked with for 6 years. I was so happy when I finally could get in my car and drive off...knowing that emotional ride was over.

In other news: 12 years ago today, Aaron asked me to be his wife. We ate at the Spaghetti Factory and then went ice skating. He proposed on the ice. So clever and so Hayley! I had NO CLUE! He truly surprised me - which was my heart's desire for my whole life. I love surprises! Once again, I didn't sleep that night, and I had more fun the next morning telling my friends! We had an away soccer game, so as my team ate breakfast together I got to make the announcement. So extremely fun - I think my soccer cleats never actually hit the field during the game. Yay for me! I have all sorts of photos I could scan and post, but they are in the depths of a box in the garage right now awaiting a moving van to transport them to Oklahoma.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coming to an End

Today was my last full day of teaching. I have loved it while it lasted, but other than feeling the sadness of leaving a staff full of wonderful people, I'm feeling very excited. I'm not sure if my brain could grade another set of 170 essays.

Today was a bit hard. The teacher who will be taking over my classes started her contract today. This meant she was in my room all day with me and the students. She seems really nice and great, but it was still a bit awkward knowing that these were some of the last few moments I had with my students, and she was there. Thankfully I found out yesterday that she was coming, so Aaron and I hurried and cleaned out my classroom last night. This was nice so I didn't have to try to do that while she was there. It is a good thing I did. Any spare moment was spent showing her the textbooks, the novels, the teacher guides, the copy room, the bathroom, the counseling office, the spirit store, the printer, the faculty handbook, the attendance program on the computer... I could go on and on. Hopefully this will make the transition with the students better, though.

Tomorrow is my last official day. It is a half day with the students, then my super nice school friends are giving me a going-away baby shower in the afternoon. All week long, former students have been showing up to say goodbye. This causes lots of emotion...knowing they still care about me. I heard through the grapevine that a "whole slew of 'em are coming tomorrow"! I'm excited, but I'm bracing myself. There are a few that I hope against hope will show up. I know it is supposedly the teacher's job to influence the students, but there have been a few students that have made quite an impact on me. We'll see if I can possibly make it through the day without crying a bucket full of tears.

Today was also the day I said so long to Chris, my workout buddy. Not only do I hate telling her goodbye, but I just found out she tore her achilles tendon. OUCH! It will take many months for that to heal...Best wishes, Chris.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


October 6, 1996
Thirteen years ago today, Aaron and I became sweethearts. We were pals, buddies, friends for a couple of months prior to that date. After church, he came over to my dorm room for Open House (yes, the door was ajar...), and we watched a missionary video that he liked and wanted me to see. At one point he reached his hand out to tickle me, and I grabbed his hand and didn't let go. For a gal who refused to call boys that was a big deal. He didn't let go either.

Somewhere along the line that afternoon Nicole and Jason mentioned going to the lake to roast hotdogs. Sunday evening grocery shopping is fairly nonexistent in Hillsboro, so we headed over to Ampride (a gas station) for hotdogs, buns, etc... Then the four of us drove out to Marion Lake.

Later that night, Aaron and I went on one of our marathon walks and over by the Tabor College gazebo, Aaron made it clear that he didn't want to be just pals, buddies, friends any longer. We were officially sweethearts.

I don't think I slept that night. I am pretty sure that if I would have been daring enough, I might have climbed on top of the Ad Building and announced it from the rooftop. Or, I might have used shoe polish to write it all over the cafeteria windows. Or, I might have put an announcement in the local newspaper. You see, I had prayed for my future husband since I was in Pioneer Girls in church (6th grade or so), and I was pretty sure Aaron was the one I'd been praying for all along. Turns out, I was right.

He's my forever sweetheart.

P.S. I asked him this afternoon if he remembered what today was. He proceeded to tell me in detail. I love that about him. He doesn't forget the special days.