Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Olympic Thoughts

One of many, many reasons I love the Olympics is to hear the names of all the competitors.
My Favorite Names of the Games 2010:
Torah Bright (Australian snowboarder) - just a cool name!
Aksel Lund Svindal (Norwegian skier) - I enjoy saying it & how it sounds!

(No, we don't plan on using either of those names for this little one we're having in less than 5 weeks.)

Figure Skating:
I'm so sad for Tanith (hers was a fave name from 2006) and Ben in ice dancing. I have to say, though, that ever since the US National Championships I knew they would have trouble if they didn't change their free dance. For the record, they should have at least beat the Russians for bronze. Would someone please hire me as a judge so it could be done correctly? At least they got the Evan Lysacek gold medal awarded correctly.

I don't know how ANYONE could have watched Joannie Rochette from Canada skate last night without bawling or at least tearing up. I'm rooting for her to get a medal of any color!

Other sports:
The downhill skiing has been super fun to watch!
Last night, the announcers were telling the story of Holland's speed skater, Sven Kramer, getting disqualified and losing the gold medal due to his coach's error. I looked at Aaron and said, "That man (the coach) will have to go into hiding so he doesn't get killed." A bit later Bob Costas said that the coach might need to go into the Witness Protection Program. That is one of many times during the Olympics I've "called" it right before the pros mention it. Maybe if they don't hire me as a figure skating judge, I could take Andrea Kramer or Mary Carillo's spot in broadcasting. {I have to admit that Aaron and I don't care for either one of those ladies...}

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