Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby Quilts

If the baby is a girl...

If the baby is a boy...

*The baby quilts have been officially completed since Monday. Yay!
*I created the design and pattern myself. It isn't that complicated, but I'm thrilled with them.
*I taught myself how to do free motion quilting.
*I did every last stitch, cut, & snip by myself.
*I hope they get worn out with love!
{Emphasis on myself - because I want the baby to know the quilts were made with love and with every stitch I was thinking of him or her! I've already told the baby this several times! }
{The one that doesn't get used this time will be saved...}
{I love them both so much that even if we never have a chance to use one of them, that's okay - I l.o.v.e. how they turned out, and I will keep it forever!}
{Yep, I went with lots of polka dots! I heard Aaron tell Fletcher, "If mommy made you a quilt, I'm sure it would have polka dots."}
I have also sewn a few other things that won't be shown until the baby is born...I'm overly excited about them!

I am slowing down...every day it seems like things get a bit harder to do and take a bit longer to do them.

I have LOVED my childbirth classes. The nurse/teacher is so fun, and all of the mamas want her as our labor and delivery nurse.

We got to tour where the little one will be born.

I was banned from reading anything more to do with pregnancy as I have an inclination to panic and overreact to things, so I have been reading up on parenting...with the knowledge that all babies are different and not to try to fit my baby to a certain mold.

I'm excited!

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  1. Great job on the quilts! Love them! Especially love the polka dots!