Sunday, January 31, 2010

32 Weeks

Eight weeks to go!
Last May, God changed our hearts from perhaps not ever wanting children to deciding to go for it. I must say that since the second I found out I was expecting this little baby, I have been thrilled. Needless to say, we have gone through many changes, challenges, and craziness in the last 8 months. All along, the thrill of this little baby has kept me going. However, the last two weeks or so have brought an indescribable attachment and even deeper love for the sweet human being living inside of me. I know that this love will grow even stronger as the days go on, and then, I can't imagine the love I will have oozing and pouring out of me once I meet this little baby face to face. It is something that can make me weep when I think about it. I already don't want him or her to grow up too fast. I have come to cherish the idea of staying home with this little one instead of teaching. I have come to understand that there is joy in the sacrifice. I find myself singing my own little lullaby to the baby almost nonstop. When he or she kicks, moves, turns, jabs, rolls, or stretches - I say, "Thank you." I love it! I always think it is the baby telling me "Hi, Mommy," or "I love you, Mommy!" Sometimes Aaron will look at me, and just by the smile on my face, he knows that the baby must be moving. I know things might change, and I will be super tired, but I told Aaron that I think people might have to fight me for a chance to hold the baby.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thunder and Rumble

I went to the OKC Thunder VS. San Antonio Spurs game Wednesday night with two of my favorite guys - my husband and my brother. Rarely does a 7.5 month pregnant gal get to go on a date with two men! For the first bit of the game, we got to sit on the court. Yes, that is Tony Parker (married to Eva Longoria). If I would've felt like getting arrested, I could have literally reached out my arm without even having to stretch, and I could have touched him.

I've never been much of an NBA fan, but then we moved to Phoenix where I grew to love the Suns. [Steve Nash is a favorite in our house, and we were at the May 16, 2006 playoff game (Suns VS. Clippers)when Raja Bell hit a shot at the buzzer to send it to a second OT - which the Suns went on to win.] We spent 7 years hating the Spurs - so I actually know more about the Spurs than the Thunder - but it was fun to root against the Spurs again. This game went into OT, too, but the Thunder lost.

I don't know who was in the Rumble the Bison fur, but what a great showman! I had a ton of fun watching him dazzle the audience. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to see such a great crowd on a Wednesday night at the Ford Center. I've been afraid that OKC wouldn't support a professional team, but I'm glad I don't seem to have to worry! Go Thunder!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Metaphors of My Life in this Moment

Aaron is my spoon full of sugar.

Baby kicks are jolts of joy.
{The English teacher in me comes out once in awhile, and I will admit I am missing teaching. Reading, writing, spelling, poetry, creativity, words, letters, books: the things I love. For the record: I do NOT miss grading!}

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Wiener on the Road

YES - I have now seen the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile TWO TIMES in my life! Once in Gilbert, Arizona, a few years ago and again just yesterday at Penn and Memorial in OKC. The first time I did not have my camera. This time, I just happened to have it! I was so lucky that the light stayed red long enough for me to pull into the parking lot and capture a photo before the wiener zoomed off to thrill other drivers! If I wouldn't have been driving the opposite direction, I might have even tried to follow it.

FYI - I am also the proud owner of an Oscar Mayer Wiener Whistle.

No, I don't particularly like wieners/hotdogs...but who wouldn't love to see a giant wiener driving down the road or own an adorable little wiener whistle?!?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Look at what I did today...

A few years ago, it was school picture day, and the photographer offered to show me the digital view of my picture. I was astounded at how long my hair was and how unbecoming it was on me. On my way home from school, I knew I had to have a haircut, and it hit me that it might be long enough to donate. I got home, did a behind-the-back self-measurement and called Aaron's Aunt Caralee (a fabulous hair cutting gal...). So, a few days later, the day before we left for Hawaii, Lee Lee cut off 11 inches for me to donate to Locks of Love. Aaron's grandparents were there to watch, and oddly, strangely, amazingly enough - I found out that Aaron's grandma (Mom Mom) had done the same exact thing many many years ago right before she left for Hawaii.

Fast forward to this past summer. I decided I could grow it out again. Last time it grew so fast that I hadn't noticed. Not the case this time. I was getting antsy to cut it, and I held off as long as I could. This morning I woke up, washed my hair, and declared that today was the day. I made an appointment and went. It is so funny because there are so many people who agonize over whether to cut their long locks, but both times I felt no nervousness or worry over it. It was just time. Plus, I love it that I can do it! My only sadness is that I was too far away for Lee Lee to cut it this time. Also, the hair is going to Pantene - who partners with the American Cancer Society. So at 7 months pregnant, I cut off 8+ inches, and it feels TERRIFIC!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Handmade Christmas Gifts

"When a gift is made by hand, all of that person's love is captured in it."
-Glenn Beck, The Christmas Sweater
I made...
9 Scrabble Initial rings
4 reusable vinyl mesh grocery bags
4 monogrammed pirate eye patches
4 embellished kitchen towels
1 little girl apron
1 scrapbook cookbook for Grandma

I also made myself a candy cane scarf.
*I'm working on finishing up some pillows that were started by my sweet Grandma Kusch.
*I need to place some finishing stitches on some stuffed Cabbage Patch Kids ornaments that were an unfinished project from my childhood.

(12 weeks to go if my due date is correct!)

My Winter Poetry

Silver trees
standing still
silently observing.
(written by me...Monarch Pass, Colorado...12/31/09)

Christmas 2009

The historic Oklahoma City Christmas Eve blizzard that changed our Christmas plans...

We did make it to my parents' house for Christmas afternoon and evening.

The day after Christmas we took off for Colorado for some time with Aaron's family. (Aaron and our adorable nephew, Brody.)

The lovely Colorado snow that didn't stop for 2.5 days.

The drive back to Oklahoma on Aaron's birthday. (He's amazing in every way, and I love him more each day!) Aaron drove us safely through the treacherous ice and snow. Thank you, Lord!

The rescheduled Christmas with my Mom's side of the family on New Year's Day.

Next year, our little baby will make it 25 stockings on the fireplace!