Friday, July 31, 2009

From Basketball Camp to Sonic

First, thank you for all the sweet emails and comments on our sadness this week. We are gradually feeling better.

So, I was thinking this morning of some fond summer memories. Back around my middle school years, a week each summer was spent at Lindsay Basketball Camp with my cousin, Kourtney. {She was like a sister to me, and we'd spend hours chatting in Grandma Belle's bathroom and tickling each others' arms or backs while counting to 100 then switching.} Anyway, at that time Kourt and I played 6 on 6 basketball at our schools, and we both played defense only. You couldn't convince us to choose other partners for the one-on-one tournaments at camp (which were really 2-on-2), though, so I ended up playing offense most of the time. We might not have been the best players, but we had more heart than anyone there and made it to the finals against Sarah and Megan (from somewhere in the panhandle, I believe) who were amazingly great. It would be lovely to say we defeated them soundly, but I believe that we lost. Another fun memory from basketball camp is that Aunt Joyce would spoil us with Ocean Waters from Sonic. Ocean Waters (& Cherry Limeades) were the only drinks for me from Sonic until recently, which brings me to Lemon Berry Slushes & a slight change of subject.

Back at the end of May, I went home to Oklahoma, and Mom treated me to a Lemon Berry Slush. I love LEMON, and how could I not love the strawberry chunks that get stuck in the straw?! Aaron and I had never been to a Sonic in AZ. There are just too many other options. So a month or so passed, and then one Saturday afternoon we were hot (imagine that in Phoenix in the summer), and it was around half-price happy hour time, so Aaron and I headed to Sonic for Lemon Berry Slushes. He fell in love, too. My suggestion is this: go to Sonic today between 2 and 4 for a large Lemon Berry Slush. {A Route 44 seems to be too big for me to finish, but a medium is too small.} You'll thank me.

By the way, Aaron had only been to a Sonic in Fairview, OK until this summer. Amazing, huh!?!

Note: This blog is not sponsored by Sonic, although I wish it were.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Glad Game is not always easy...

I'm having a hard time being glad right now...
Yesterday, Meadow passed away.
For anyone who knows us, Fletcher and Meadow are our hearts covered in fur.
They are our welcoming home committee. Our friends.
The cause of much of our laughter.
We wanted to treat those friends to a romp in the cooler air of Prescott.
It proved to be too much for Meadow.
We will miss her forever.
So, for Pollyanna's sake (and mine), I will loudly pronounce that I am so GLAD that I got to be Meadow's mom.
Keep lickin', Happy Feet, I love you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Glad Game

Why The Glad Game?
Mom fell in love with the name Hayley from Hayley Mills. Dad loved it, & it became my name. I love all things Hayley Mills, including Pollyanna & her "Glad Game".

I thought it was time to begin a blog to communicate and document the goings-on in our household & lives. Here we go!