Friday, February 12, 2010

Showered with Blessings!

I can't begin to explain the love and support that Fairview MB Church has given to me in my lifetime. This past weekend was no exception. I am humbled, amazed, and overwhelmed at the generosity that my baby and I (and Aaron) received! It was so fun to open all the little baby gifts and dream of when I get to use them.

Sarah, my sweet cousin's daughter helped hand me gifts - she is a doll! Brooke, my sweet sister-in-law wrote down all the gifts and the givers! My sweet mom - one of the most excited grandmas ever, who also spoiled us rotten at the shower!

{This was my first ever baby shower...given to me by the best coworkers a girl can have...Mesquite Junior High School...I miss them so badly! This was in October - my, my, my what a difference 4 months of pregnancy can do to a girl!}

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  1. I felt so bad I didn't make it to your shower. I had planned to come, but the day was already packed with too much to do and it just didn't happen. So, I have a gift for you and will probably get it to your mom sometime. I heard there was a good turnout and that you got some great baby stuff. Isn't it fun!?! Hope the next few weeks go well. Looking forward to hearing the news!!