Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rainbow Jubilee

We celebrated Molly's first year on Sunday.

Sweet gifts:
The Jubilee:
The birthday girl:
Her cake:
She might have gotten a taste of frosting...but our little
sweetie didn't dig into her little rainbow cake.
The big cake:
She has mastered the straw and will drink anything through it.
So at least she got a drink of her birthday punch.
The inspiration for the Rainbow Jubliee theme:
When my parents moved a couple of years ago, I snagged this from mom's stash of fabric that she was giving away. The selvedge said "1977" on it...the year I was born. So, even though my mom has no memory of purchasing it or for what it was originally intended, I turned it into a table decoration for the party and now it can be used as a baby blanket.
The backside has cute rainbow fabric, too.
Other Jubilee items to note: My left eye was oddly crazy-swollen until moments before the jubilee began...which meant no make-up for me. I made the cakes and the cake bunting topper, all the ceiling decorations, the heart rainbow blanket, used miscellaneous crystal pieces that were wedding gifts, inherited from our grandparents, or collected through the years, and my mom made the delicious punch. Molly's adorably precious outfit was from my mom and dad, and Molly received amazing gifts that she plays with constantly. My favorite thing she is doing now is carrying a gift bag and filling it with all the tea set pieces. Then she takes it everywhere she goes. I find saucers and cups and plates and lids everywhere...and I love it. The teapot made an appearance in all the family photos to help the birthday girl be still long enough for a photo.
We sure missed those of you who couldn't come!


  1. Happy Happy 1st Birthday Molly!!! We are more than bummed that we couldn't come to your party. Sarah wasn't released until FIVE that day!! Your mom made one fantastic cake for you, not to mention all the wonderful decorations. You are such a pretty girl. Cannot wait to watch you grow and grow and grow!!!

  2. Such a fun party! Love the picture of her on the table with her tongue out. She looks like such a fun girl !!! Cake looked awesome and her dress was stinking adorable!! I love a first birthday party bash!! I wish I could do them all again they were so much fun!!!