Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yo, Go Thunder!

I suppose it is okay to tell you all that some Thunder players bank with Bank of America.
And, I suppose it is okay to tell you that they bank at Aaron's banking center.
And, I suppose it is okay to tell you that Kendrick Perkins is one of them.
And, I suppose it is okay to post Aaron's picture with Kendrick.
Aaron was a bit embarrassed to ask him, but when you are from Colorado and the Thunder are playing the Nuggets in the playoffs and you've never been a Nuggets fan, you gotta do what you gotta do to torment the family in Colorado.  Plus Aaron has told me many times how genuinely kind Kendrick is so he was more than happy to pose with Aj.  He loves the Oklahoma fans (Aaron included).
FYI, Mr. Perkins says the Nuggets don't stand a chance.
It was fun to finally get a photo of Aaron with a celebrity.  He has worked with many especially when he was in Premier banking (which he isn't allowed to disclose any names...).


  1. Oh... Kendrick and his Thunder are going DOWN tonight @ 7pm.

    I cannot get over this picture - it kills me how small Kendrick makes my bro look!! Crazy!

  2. No's not like Aaron is a short guy either. Crazy!