Monday, March 28, 2011

Last year...

March 28, 2010 was Molly's due date. I simply can't believe that a year has gone by. I never truly thought our baby would be born on her due date, but I never imagined she would come 9 days after the due date. The longest 9 days of my life (and Aaron's). I've heard that once you hit your due date, you enter a new level of pregnancy. I sure did. I'm feeling a sort of a melancholy joy. Life is passing so quickly, and although I have made a tremendous and conscious effort to savor every moment, time still slips by like water through a fork. My baby girl turns one in 9 days. Last year the 9 days seemed like an eternity and now, I feel like they are speeding by.

*We've been sick around here which has NOT been fun.
*The two teams I picked for the NCAA Championship game are out. (Arizona and Kansas)
*In my opinion, they picked a lousy cast for Dancing with the Stars this season.


  1. I agree - I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by!! Yikes! We loved the birthday invitation! Looking forward to pictures for sure!!

    I love your last post. We had an amazing time with the three of you. It was perfect. Thank you for having us!! I love that Brody talks about Hay-yeah and Ear-in, and Baby still!!

    Im eager to get a package in the mail of pictures from the wedding and pictures of our week together in OKC. Hint, hint!! :)

  2. Love the new picture of Molly. I recognize those pop beads! :) I have to disagree with you about the cast of DWTS. I have really been enjoying MOST of them. :D

  3. I seriously cannot get over Miss Molly. Since Day One, I have deemed her as: The Girl with the SPARKLY EYES.

    HaPpY 1st BiRTHDaY to the CUTEST and most PRECiOUS!!

    p.s. Im also a huge fan of your blog--keep those posts comin'!! :)

    Amy G.

  4. Hope you are feeling better too. How could we both be sick at the same time with the same thing?? Crazy. I am in love with your red fire place? Did you paint that yourself? Looks awesome! That girl is too sweet ... have fun celebrating turning one! Happy Birthday Miss Molly.