Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We spent Easter Eve at the farm (my parents' house) playing games with family and friends.  Molly played the piano for the first time.  So cute.  She started out on her own and later joined her talented grandma.  Sunday was chilly, but Molly had fun meeting new friends at her Grandpa and Grandma's church.  Then, we pulled a surprise Easter lunch invasion.  My grandparents live about an hour and 20 minutes from my folks' house, and only a few of our large family were planning to spend the day at their house.  They thought we were going out for pizza.  We knew we had to surprise them or Grandma would try to cook something, and Grandpa would try to stop her. So, I prepared a salad, purchased a ham (that Aaron and Dad heated before/during church), and bought rolls.  Mom made a couple more salads and dessert.  We loaded up, drove to my grandparents, and walked in with Easter lunch.   Grandpa said a couple of times, "This sure beats pizza!"
Playing the piano with Grandma
Our newest favorite photo of Miss Molly (above)

Easter outfit with Easter bunny and shrieking with delight at Grandpa's dogs
Surprise Easter Lunch Invasion

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  1. Miss Molly is absolutely beautiful in white! Happy Easter.