Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh, What Fun...

Molly's first Christmas was extra special for her parents. We feel that we were given the best present (almost) ever with our darling Molly. I say "almost" ever because God gave the BEST Christmas present ever when He gave us HIS SON.

Molly didn't understand Christmas or understand gifts or understand the overwhelming amount of family she encountered over the weekend, but we loved having her, watching her, and celebrating with her.

The weekend started out low-key, ramped up gradually, got out-of-control loud and fun and crazy, then slowly wound back down...to the normal every day. Here is a very edited photo recap.
~Christmas Eve at home~~Santa brought Molly a super fun activity table.~~Christmas Day at the farm~

~Santa brought the boys harmonicas. They were hysterical and actually got to sounding half decent.~~Christmas in El Reno with my mom's entire side of the family - all 25 of us together. This was the crazy time mentioned above where Molly didn't know what to think. Sadly we didn't get a group photo this year even though I tried. ~


  1. Love the harmonica picture! All of the pictures are great! Love, Mom

  2. These pictures and comments are to be cherished. Love them all. Thank you for sharing a little of your sweet Molly's 1st Christmas!!!