Friday, December 3, 2010


I like lists.
One list I add to is "Christmas traditions/ideas I want to remember when we have kids..." (which of course, now we do have a "kid")
Enter the cookie. I don't like to bake, never have.
But, my friend and former co-worker from MJHS is a fabulous baker who makes fabulous cookies to give to her fabulous co-workers (me) at Christmastime. For 5 years I was the recipient of a bag of her Christmas goodies, and then last year, even though I moved in OCTOBER - she brought me a bag of freshly baked Christmas cookies just so I would not miss out when Christmas came around. What a friend! Then, when she later sent me even more goodies in the mail (this time goodies for Miss Molly), she included the recipe of my favorite cookies. Thank you, Tami.
So, I started what I hope to do every year - make these cookies for my Molly, I mean, myself.


  1. i love these kind of cookies. please make enough to send some to me! :)

  2. I guess you'll be busy baking! I love those cookies, too!