Sunday, December 12, 2010

8 Months

She is brave.
She crawls all over the house to find me.
I can hear her coming (especially on the tile when her hands slap it as she moves).
She sighs when she yawns.
She has 2 teeth.
She does the funniest things with her tongue (her lips and mouth, too).
She makes us laugh constantly.
She knows what we want when we ask for a kiss.
And, she gives them to us. Sometimes we don't even have to ask.
She claps afterwards - probably because we clap and cheer for her afterwards, too.
She keeps socks on her feet for 2.7 seconds.
That's why I prefer footy jammies for around the house.
She can stand alone for a few seconds.
She waves "hello" and "goodbye" if she feels like it.
She doesn't like the nursery at church (and I don't blame her).
She gets shy around strangers (and the not-so-strangers, too).
She's not too fond of diaper changing time (or clothing changing time, either).
So, we have to distract her with the "this is so cool" lotion or other thing that happens to be close by.
She sometimes has very important and serious things to tell us.
So we listen.
She can reach higher and further than I give her credit for.
So things that were "babyproofed" have been "rebabyproofed" -and- probably not for the last time.
She loves to snuggle.
She has kidnapped our hearts, locked them up, and thrown out the key.
We're hopelessly head over heels for her.

P.S. Because it's been requested, I made some changes to the settings of the blog to make it easier for some of you to comment. I don't know if it worked, though.


  1. To my baby Momma. I love you more than words can say. I love our little velcro baby more than I ever thought possible. Your desire to learn and stretch yourself daily inspires me and Molly will soon long to be like her mommy. We love you babe! I couldn't ask for anything better.