Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Bloopers

I love the Home Improvement Christmas episode from 1993 when Mark and three other boys line up to sing The First Noel at their Christmas pageant, and they each have a costume with a letter on it spelling out N O E L, but they get mixed up and spell "LEON". Al looks at Jill and asks, "Who's Leon?" Cracks me up!

BUT, the funniest one I witnessed in person. On December 13, 2008 at our incredible church in Arizona, Mission Community Church, a sweet family lined up on the stage to light the advent candle. Picture it with me...dimmed lights in the sanctuary, quiet and gentle Christmas music being played by the worship band, lovely candles glowing, 400 or so people in the hushed audience, and an overall very worshipful atmosphere. The little daughter reached her mouth up to the microphone to take her turn to read part of the Advent passage that was chosen for them, and she said very sincerely, "Then they (the Magi from the East) opened their treasures and presented Him with gifts of gold and of increase and of myron." My insides erupted with hilarity, and it took EVERYTHING I had in me not to laugh hysterically. I admit to chuckling, but I wasn't the only one. When Pastor Mark got up to preach, he said he had completely forgotten about the gift of "myron", and I basically had to control myself from fits of laughter for the remainder of the service. Of course she meant, "gold and of incense and of myrrh" from Matthew 2:11 (NIV).The advent candles at Mission in 2008. They were huge and amazing, and I love them so much!

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