Saturday, December 4, 2010

12.4.10 The Hustle Edition

Another tradition - this time not just a Christmas one.
I hope my daughter and I are able to do this often.
Today was the first.
The Holiday Hustle at Oklahoma Christian University.
I ran the 5k pushing Molly in her stroller.
Aaron had to work, so it was Mama Power all the way.
40 degrees.
100 mph wind (honestly not too much of an exaggeration).
When I ran north, I felt like I was running backwards.
When I ran east or west, I had to steer the stroller into the wind so as not to lose her in a gust. Seriously.
When I ran (or was hurled) south - it was blessed and wonderful and delightful.
It was my first race after finding out Molly was coming, and I loved it.


  1. Secret keeper! I should have come and walked it, too! I'm proud of you and Molly! A totally delightful mother/daughter experience.