Tuesday, October 6, 2009


October 6, 1996
Thirteen years ago today, Aaron and I became sweethearts. We were pals, buddies, friends for a couple of months prior to that date. After church, he came over to my dorm room for Open House (yes, the door was ajar...), and we watched a missionary video that he liked and wanted me to see. At one point he reached his hand out to tickle me, and I grabbed his hand and didn't let go. For a gal who refused to call boys that was a big deal. He didn't let go either.

Somewhere along the line that afternoon Nicole and Jason mentioned going to the lake to roast hotdogs. Sunday evening grocery shopping is fairly nonexistent in Hillsboro, so we headed over to Ampride (a gas station) for hotdogs, buns, etc... Then the four of us drove out to Marion Lake.

Later that night, Aaron and I went on one of our marathon walks and over by the Tabor College gazebo, Aaron made it clear that he didn't want to be just pals, buddies, friends any longer. We were officially sweethearts.

I don't think I slept that night. I am pretty sure that if I would have been daring enough, I might have climbed on top of the Ad Building and announced it from the rooftop. Or, I might have used shoe polish to write it all over the cafeteria windows. Or, I might have put an announcement in the local newspaper. You see, I had prayed for my future husband since I was in Pioneer Girls in church (6th grade or so), and I was pretty sure Aaron was the one I'd been praying for all along. Turns out, I was right.

He's my forever sweetheart.

P.S. I asked him this afternoon if he remembered what today was. He proceeded to tell me in detail. I love that about him. He doesn't forget the special days.

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  1. I still remember that trip out to the lake!! We snatched up some GREAT guys!!