Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last season was Castle's debut. I knew immediately upon seeing advertisements that it was a show for me. Writing, mystery, humor. My kind of show. If you haven't seen it, Castle is a crime writer who gets to follow around a cutie pie detective, Beckett. He is using her as his muse in a new crime series he is writing. He is hilarious. I love his sense of humor. I love that he writes. I love his perspective on the crimes. I love how he interacts with Beckett. I love his daughter, Alexis. I tell Aaron every week that someday I want a daughter like her: level-headed, conscientious, responsible, adorable, and trustworthy. Anyway, I giggle through each episode, and last night was no exception - but - it was even better! The episode is called, "The Double Down". He talks about/gets upset about poor grammar. Hysterical! Here is a scene from the beginning of the show. And yes, I did rewind it - or I used "picture go backwards" as Monk would say (another favorite) over and over to get this to be exact.

Background: There is a dead female psychiatrist on a couch with the words, "Your out of time" written on her face.
Dr. Parish (medical examiner): "It looks like a patient lost their patience."
Castle: "Also his command of grammar. Your should be you apostrophe r-e as in you are. It's not even a tough one - not like when to use who or whom."
Beckett: "Do you really think that's the take away here, Castle?"
Castle: "I'm just saying whoever killed her also murdered the English language."
--a little other action takes place, and then...
Beckett: "Her husband calls before 6, and the food's picked up at 6:02. She knew who she was having dinner with."
Castle: "Someone with bad grammar."
--a little later in the squad room, and he is still upset...
Castle: "It's not like you're just leaving yourself a note - you know to buy bread on the way home. You're writing on a person you just murdered. You're trying to make a point - a point you care a great deal about presumably because you just killed someone to make it. So, how do you not make sure that you're using the proper language to make that point?"

I love it! Watch Castle on Monday nights - or - if you are watching Monday Night Football like we do - just DVR it and watch it later. Then you can even fast forward (or "picture go faster" as Monk says) through the commercials.

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