Monday, October 12, 2009

The Baby Afghan Story

I was finally allowed to tell my students that I wouldn't be returning after fall break on Wednesday, October 7. In 3rd hour I have a sweet student named Kamry. Here is how the story goes:

I told the class I wouldn't be returning.
Kamry: "No, that ruins everything!"
Mrs. Abbott gives her a curious look.
Kamry: "I was going to make you a baby blanket."
Mrs. Abbott: "That is really sweet."
Kamry: "I guess I'll just have to mail it to you."
Mrs. Abbott: smile

Thursday (before school):
Kamry runs in my classroom, & she pulls out a small, crocheted yellow square to show me. It was the beginning of my baby blanket. I oohed and ahhed over it.

Friday (beginning of 3rd hour):
Kamry runs in my classroom, & she hands me a gift bag. I open it, and unbelievably, I pull out a completed, lovely, soft-as-can-be baby afghan. I was shocked. She told me that she and her mom and grandma stayed up Thursday night to finish it.

How do you say an appropriate thank you for that kind of generosity, kindness, and out-pouring of love from an 8th grader? I don't think it is possible.

Then...Natasha, another student in the same class, hands me another gift bag, and inside is the tiniest, most precious baby beanie (cap). I gasped again. She had knitted it for me. Once again, how do you say thank you?

This is what I will miss. When the world looks at me in disbelief that I actually prefer junior high to elementary or high school...this is why. They are not all obnoxious, smart-mouthed, lazy kids. Of course, some are...but, some are sweet, thoughtful, gentle, and amazing.

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