Thursday, April 1, 2010

Still no baby...

I think the baby must have wanted a diamond birthstone - really, who wouldn't?

With this extra time on our hands that we didn't know we'd have, we've been rethinking our name choices. None of the names we had originally chosen are family names, but we got to thinking that maybe we should change the middle name options in order to honor family members. The baby will have Aaron's name already (our last name), so we've decided to focus on family names from my side. They are a bit funky, but we have never been scared to do our own thing.

Let's start with the girl:
Fred is a major family name on both sides of my family. My dad's middle name, my grandpa's first name, and it goes back and back and back on my dad's side. My mom's dad's middle name is Alfred. So, we thought it might be cool to use the Fred name, but with a baby girl. So, we're thinking Fredette for her middle name.

For the boy name:
A relative on my mom's side was named Casabianca after a very famous poem. He and his family did not pronounce it as it looks. They chose to pronounce his name: Casabuyankie ("buy" as in, "I'm going to the store to 'buy' eggs.") and ("ankie" as in, "I'm going to sneeze; can you hand me a 'hankie'?" but take off the 'H'). With my love of teaching English and poetry, we thought this was a very fitting middle name if we have a son.

I just wanted to fill you in ahead of time in case I don't have time after the baby is born to explain the middle names.

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  1. i LOVE those names!! but please promise that if it's a boy, you WILL go with Peter for a first name?!?

    Waiting and waiting for a phone call...