Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Miracle

Molly Carrington Abbott
April 6, 2010
7 pounds 3 ounces
20.5 inches

"Oh, yes, it is a happy day, Mammy. The happiest days are the days when babies come!"
-Melanie, Gone With the Wind


  1. Congratulations! So happy for you and Aaron! Enjoy every minute. She's beautiful!

  2. Such a sweet girl. Super excited for you guys!

  3. What a beautiful granddaughter GOD has blessed us with!!! She sure looks similar to a New Year's Eve baby we met just 33 years ago. Thank you GOD for Molly Carrington Abbott!!!!! We love her mightily!!!! - Gigi,Papa,and Auntie Jordy <3

  4. Okay, I can't take it any longer! I have no idea how I even found your blog, but I am thrilled for you and Aaron! Thanks for letting me have a glimpse into who you have become over these past 15 years. Congrats on Baby Molly! (My big girl Molly was thrilled to "meet" another!) You were born to be a mommy. Much love, friend.