Thursday, March 25, 2010

Most Recent Baby News

Yep, the doctor gently broke it to us that I might have to have a c-section. If that is what it comes to, we are okay with it. The baby's health is the most important consideration! However, we are praying and praying that God will help the baby be delivered naturally. The doctor does not want me to go over 41 weeks - but - 41 weeks is Easter Sunday. We tentatively scheduled a c-section for 3/31, but we will most likely cancel that and wait it out until the day after Easter. So, we'll see what happens.

In other news - putting a quilted mattress pad on a crib mattress is not my forte. First of all, Target's brand is not high-quality. I washed it with cold water on gentle cycle, used a low heat in the dryer (as the tag suggested), didn't even let it finish drying, air dried it, and somehow the bottom melted. Of course I had thrown out the packaging - I had no clue I'd have to deal with a melted mattress pad. Thankfully Target returned it with the warning they will NOT do this again...and they had to put it toward the total on my driver's license. I do NOT like Target's return policy on gifts.

The other mattress pad I have came from Babies R Us. I washed it the same way, and it didn't fit either. I visited their overwhelmingly huge establishment today, and they took me back to their mattresses and showed me that it does indeed fit. Sort of. I came home, stretched it and stretched it, and it is on. It looks like how I would look if I tried to put on a pair of little girl panty hose or tights.

So, here's what I'm thinking - I will develop a mattress pad that fits. It is really a novel idea, and I'm thinking I could make loads of money. It doesn't seem like rocket science. Also, seeing how this mattress pad will need to be washed and dried multiple, multiple times, it seems like it shouldn't be so hard to use. I think I'll do that in all my spare time after the baby comes. :)

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  1. Why do they think you'll need a c-section? You are in our prayers.