Monday, March 15, 2010

38 Weeks

*The furniture is painted and situated in the baby's room.
*Aaron did a FANTASTIC job of painting my old furniture. Other than the crib & rocker/recliner, all the furniture was from my baby nursery. Most of it wasn't new when I was born either! Aaron painted it black, and it took him forever (as in multiple weeks, and the neighbors even asked when he would be finished!). He is a perfectionist when it comes to things like painting, and I am so thankful for that!
*Most everything is placed in drawers or hanging - ready to go.
*I need to do some baby laundry in the newly purchased Dreft detergent.
*If the baby is a girl, I found the perfect changing table cover and crib sheets.
*If the baby is a boy, we have sheets but no changing table cover.
*I may end up making one this week if I feel like it.
*Aaron set up the pack-n-play yesterday - borrowed from my sweet cousins.
*Outfits have been purchased for the ride home from the hospital.
*Baby books have been purchased for me to fill out with all the essential information and the fun items I don't want to forget.
*The BOB stroller needs to have the infant carrier attachment installed.
*The infant carrier bases need to be installed in the vehicles.
*The "my pictures" section of the computer needs to be burned onto a DVD and deleted to make room for baby photos.
*I am telling you now, there is no such thing as too many pictures.
*I need to finish packing my bag for the hospital.
*Tears have been shed due to foot pain. I don't know for sure what it is, and I am fervently praying it is a situation that will go away when the baby is born.
*I have some back issues addition to the tightness that all pregnant women supposedly get - it is a stabbing pain that I've dealt with for months that the doctor says will go away when the baby is born - so this hasn't concerned me too much. I can deal with it if I know it will disappear...
*Tears have been shed just thinking about the miracle that will take place in the coming weeks. I don't want to miss anything. I don't want to forget the joy, the elation, the newness. The baby has never seen daylight. The baby has never felt the sensation of taking a breath. The baby has never cried. The baby has never left my womb. The baby has never felt the touch of clothing on his or her skin. I could go on and on. The miracle of it all leaves me teary and overwhelmed - and - I haven't even given birth yet.
*My latest obsession when thinking about the baby is the realization that I get to kiss him or her.
*I'm hoping we make it through today without the baby coming. After midnight, I'm fine with having the baby, but the Ides of March is not my ideal birth date for the precious, sweet child of ours.


  1. Oh, it was so much fun to read about all you've done to get ready for this precious gift from God! We are all praying continually. I wish you could hear Jordy pray for you and the baby. It would really melt your heart. This almost teen aunt really loves Baby Abbott so much and so do we! We are sooooooo excited and praying for all three of you! We can't wait to kiss him or her either! We love you hugely!!!! Mama Christy for all of us

  2. Hey!! Great Job, Can't wait to see you 3!!
    Love, Dad

  3. Less than 2 weeks until Due Date... A whoo hoo!! We are rejoicing with you!! Cannot wait to get "the call." Brody is so excited to have an Abbott cousin!!