Friday, January 15, 2010

Thunder and Rumble

I went to the OKC Thunder VS. San Antonio Spurs game Wednesday night with two of my favorite guys - my husband and my brother. Rarely does a 7.5 month pregnant gal get to go on a date with two men! For the first bit of the game, we got to sit on the court. Yes, that is Tony Parker (married to Eva Longoria). If I would've felt like getting arrested, I could have literally reached out my arm without even having to stretch, and I could have touched him.

I've never been much of an NBA fan, but then we moved to Phoenix where I grew to love the Suns. [Steve Nash is a favorite in our house, and we were at the May 16, 2006 playoff game (Suns VS. Clippers)when Raja Bell hit a shot at the buzzer to send it to a second OT - which the Suns went on to win.] We spent 7 years hating the Spurs - so I actually know more about the Spurs than the Thunder - but it was fun to root against the Spurs again. This game went into OT, too, but the Thunder lost.

I don't know who was in the Rumble the Bison fur, but what a great showman! I had a ton of fun watching him dazzle the audience. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to see such a great crowd on a Wednesday night at the Ford Center. I've been afraid that OKC wouldn't support a professional team, but I'm glad I don't seem to have to worry! Go Thunder!

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