Sunday, January 31, 2010

32 Weeks

Eight weeks to go!
Last May, God changed our hearts from perhaps not ever wanting children to deciding to go for it. I must say that since the second I found out I was expecting this little baby, I have been thrilled. Needless to say, we have gone through many changes, challenges, and craziness in the last 8 months. All along, the thrill of this little baby has kept me going. However, the last two weeks or so have brought an indescribable attachment and even deeper love for the sweet human being living inside of me. I know that this love will grow even stronger as the days go on, and then, I can't imagine the love I will have oozing and pouring out of me once I meet this little baby face to face. It is something that can make me weep when I think about it. I already don't want him or her to grow up too fast. I have come to cherish the idea of staying home with this little one instead of teaching. I have come to understand that there is joy in the sacrifice. I find myself singing my own little lullaby to the baby almost nonstop. When he or she kicks, moves, turns, jabs, rolls, or stretches - I say, "Thank you." I love it! I always think it is the baby telling me "Hi, Mommy," or "I love you, Mommy!" Sometimes Aaron will look at me, and just by the smile on my face, he knows that the baby must be moving. I know things might change, and I will be super tired, but I told Aaron that I think people might have to fight me for a chance to hold the baby.


  1. You are so cute and what a sweet post. You will be a great Mom and I know a grammy in Fairview that is just counting the seconds until her little grandbaby arrives.

  2. This post made me cry girl!! I love you, motherhood is going to LOOK exceptionally beautiful on you .... already does!! Love ya!

  3. I was on Marshalene's blog and saw yours listed on her blog list. You look great! I'm sure you're both getting so excited to finally meet your sweet baby. It won't be long! Hope you're feeling well!

  4. Hayley~
    You are so beautiful!!!!!!! WOW! You are simply glowing!!!! WE are so thrilled in every way!!!! We love all three of you so very much.
    C,D and J

  5. You are going to love it more than you can ever possibly imagine!! I can't wait to see pics of the little one! Pregnancy is fabulous and it looks great on you!