Monday, September 21, 2009

13 Weeks

Yesterday was 13 weeks. In my mind this is the end of my first trimester... 12+12+12=36 13+13+13=39
A pregnancy is supposedly 40 weeks, so 39 is more accurate...okay, enough with the mathematics.

Pre-pregnancy, I spent 2+ hours a day at an LA Fitness or out-and-about exercising/working out. Of all my many various hobbies, this is my favorite. I guess I have changed a bit from when Mom picked me up from Mother's Day Out when I was teeny, and I was crying because, "They made me sweat!" Anyway, now the sweating, muscles aching, body challenging workouts are what I crave. If I don't burn over 1,000 calories in a work out I feel that I haven't done enough. I want to be pushed to the max, completely worn out, and feeling like I left it all in the gym when I leave. These 2 people are my workout cohorts. Leigh "Pain-Is-Weakness-Leaving-The-Body" (my trainer) and Chris (my daily workout buddy) are two amazing people. Leigh could get Arnold Schwarzenegger to do "one more rep" and Chris is supportive and helpful and kind. Since I've had to go to the "heartrate under 140" pregnancy category, I haven't been able to work out with Leigh and Chris. I miss them, but because I had to quit training with them, they were the first non-family people who heard about our baby.

Other Information:
*I told the staff at my school last Monday. They were all so sweet about it - tons of emails and well-wishes.
*I told my students on Wednesday. I wasn't sure what to expect from 8th graders, but they were so adorable and funny. Several are just positive that if the baby is a girl that we will name her Rachel. Evidently, that just seems like a name I would choose. :) Some were upset that I kept it a secret from them for so long.
*At this point we don't think we are going to find out the gender of the baby until the birth. The ultimate surprise! I'm just hoping the ultrasound technician doesn't give it away. My doctor has assured me that they can keep secrets!


  1. Ohh Aunt Becca is so excited!! I can't wait!! Hurry up, Little Baby Abbott!!

    ps- I think it is about time for the first "tummy picture" to be posted. I need to see how cute it is getting!

  2. Hey! I didn't know you had a blog until this week when Shan told me about it. Now I'll be a faithful reader. Check out mine sometime, too. Oh, and remind me of your email address again. :)