Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Matryoshkas on my Shelf

I've always loved nesting dolls. I love how they start big and then get so itty bitty, and just when you think it is too little that they can't possibly fit another inside, you indeed can - where the ittiest bittiest one resides, safe and sound tucked away. My collection is very new - starting with Christmas 2008.

The top: The little one was purchased at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show last March. The middle one is from one of my favorite stores in the world: Blissful Living (part of Domestic Bliss) in Mesa, AZ. The salt and pepper shakers were a gift from Aaron, and he purchased them at another one of my most favorite stores: Anthropologie.

The middle: I made these one day the week before Christmas 2008 as I relished my time off from school and while I watched Shirley Temple in The Little Princess. I made them from the book Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle by Tilda, and I purchased the fabric and ribbon online from England. I love the pink and red together.

The bottom: The Asian one is from Pier 1. I don't love this one quite as much as the rest, but my idea is that someday this will be the set I let my children play with... The middle is a gift from Aaron's parents. The pieces are actually measuring cups - so neatO! They were also purchased from Anthropologie. The blank ones were purchased online. I have zero artistic painting ability, but someday I hope to get inspired to paint them into something special! (Maybe my favorite OU players or my favorite figure skaters or maybe just solid colors with googly eyes - which is more my level of artistry)

Just looking at these makes me happy. Opening them up makes me even happier. If you come see me, and if you promise to be super careful, I might just let you open them all up and play with them, too! I'm hoping that the next time I visit Nicholas - if I promise to be super good and super careful - he will let me open and play with his OU Sooners set.

Note: The lovely shelf was made by my father-in-law. It works perfectly to house this collection.

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