Wednesday, March 2, 2011


*First, click here to see more of the wedding in which Molly was a flower girl. You can see the awesomeness that it was. Make sure to watch the video at the end of the post.
*Secondly, Gary England taught me that wheat can be found in toothpaste & mouthwash.
*Thirdly, my baby girl likes to make messes. Everywhere. She leaves one behind on her way to make another. She adores outlets (has even taken the outlet covers off), delights in opening any drawer or cabinet door she can reach and emptying the contents onto the floor (some drawers and doors can't be babyproofed, but I'm thinking hot glue?), finds my sewing supplies completely irresistible, and will open the shower door and climb right in with me if I'd let her. Every moment that she is awake is an adventure. I now know what it means to have a busy baby. A few photos as proof:

My mom gave me the great book, In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms, by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and she writes, "I considered the house a giant toy box with food and just didn't worry about how it looked. I concerned myself only with clean." Sometimes I have trouble with the clean part too. Chances are really high that if you come by our house there will be Cheerios smashed into bits on the floor, paper towels ripped into shreds, toys everywhere, and sippy cups all around...but we're having fun and enjoying life...and that is what it is all about here in our house.


  1. Love it! Little Molly is such a cutie!

  2. I get to see it all in person in less than 2 weeks!!!! A whoo hoo!! I seriously can't wait!!

  3. Go Molly Go!!! Go Molly Go!!!!!

    Before long, she will be sewing with you!!!!


  4. Those wedding pics were amazing . . . reminded me of a karber style wedding. Very vintage and classy looking. Love the colors. I want to see some pics of little miss flower girl . . . was that a cousin to aaron?? She looks like an abbott. Your little miss messy girl sounds like a ball of fun!! I have a quote on my fridge that my mom had on here fridge when I was growing up . . . "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk while it is still snowing." Have a good week.