Monday, October 25, 2010

Giving credit where credit is due...

Oh yes, my favorite brother-in-law (who did not fall out of his UPS truck while it was moving, but who does, in fact, like to honk and waive*) was the one to spot the hilarious real estate ad I previously posted. I do not want to shirk him of his credit. I just forgot to mention it.

*When Becca and Brian got married, Aaron and Brian's brother, Andy, decorated their car. Along with writing "Aaron and Andy" on the windows, they also wrote, "honk and waive". We have laughed and laughed and laughed some more about the fact that they wrote their own names instead of Becca and Brian's and that they misspelled "wave". I'm laughing again right now thinking of it.

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  1. I am laughing, too. That is a great story. Way to go Aaron!