Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing With My Baby Doll...Part 2

My dear friends and teaching mentors, Ilona and Jackie, came to see Molly and me this past week.
Just LOOK at what they brought her!!!!!!

Ilona's husband, Rod, crafted this for her. He's a carpenter, and I'm in awe over this cradle. I had truly been looking for something similar every time I entered an antique store. We borrowed my cousin's doll cradle right after Molly was born for some newborn photos. We had to give it back, but now she has one of her very own. Jackie, crocheted the baby blanket in the softest yarn ever. Both are lovely!

I had a terrific time visiting and catching up with them. I have to say the hugest "thank you" ever to them for all the insight, help, encouragement, and mentoring they gave me when I student taught with them and later when we kept in touch through emails. I will never forget Ilona handing me her 6-Traits of Writing binder during the summer so that I could gear up for teaching 5th grade writing. I barely knew what the 6-Traits were at that point, and now, I am sold hook, line, and sinker on them. I see that almost as my expertise in teaching, now. I will also never forget Jackie reading, The Boy Who Loved Clowns, to the fifth graders (and me). I sat there mesmerized by the way she read it, and I love the story. Even now, when I read it, I hear her voice. Both ladies are amazing, talented, and wonderful. I count it a huge blessing that the Lord led me to them.


  1. Yay!!!! How beautiful. Molly will cherish that cradle forever. Does Molly ever get grumpy? She is the happiest, sweetest thing ever!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the next picture!! Maybe my favorite ever!! How precious!!

    I love you, Molly. Love, Aunt Becca