Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doll-Baby/Baby Doll

Let's meet my dolls.
Franni Delores ~ first Cabbage Patch Kid that I got at my roller skating party ~ who is visiting her grandparents at the farm right now and can't be bothered with photography.
Baby Caddy, my first doll (one of the dolls I didn't play with), Mandy, Kimberly, Elkie, one of my many Barbies, and Skipper.
At some point in a girl's life, she has to quit playing with dolls and "grow up".
{I haven't seen Toy Story III, but if my assumptions are correct, you could insert that movie here.}
Girls go to junior high, high school, and college.
Girls get married, and perhaps get a job such as teaching.
Dolls aren't really welcome in those areas of life.
She might get teased if, let's say, she takes her Cabbage Patch to Algebra III class in high school or macroeconomics in college or to teach English to her 8th graders.
However, she just might get another chance to play with dolls later in life.
For instance, I get to play with this doll. AND - I get to take her into public, and no one can make fun of me.
I get to dress her and feed her and rock her. I get to carry her, push her in the stroller, and put her in a doll bed (or crib).
Yes, I have a new baby doll, and she is the most fun, most precious, most adorable, sweet-thing there is.

1) I need to point out that if I had more time, I would have posed my dolls in an adorable tea party, but my real doll needs my time right now more than these dolls do.
2) Jill gave her the outfit that totally matches her nursery. In fact, everything that Jill sent matched her nursery. Jill is like that.
3) I am in LOVE with my doll's jean shorts. Just LOOK at those pockets.
4) My grandpa calls me sweet-thing.


  1. She is absolutely adorable. I love her big eyes.

  2. Franni Delores is upset because she didn't make the picture, as were all of her friends who are here visiting. She certainly hopes she makes it in the tea party picture. I told her that even if her mother didn't love her, her grandma did. I'm going to post her picture on MY blog! So there!

  3. I'm whispering this so that Franni Delores and the others don't hear me. The sweetest doll is that newest one. I am pining away for her!

  4. love. love. love. these new pics! thanks for sharing! molly is just precious!

  5. I want you to take a picture of ALL your dolls including Molly. You won't be sorry. :) Love you. SHE is ADORABLE.

  6. The one you didn't play with is named "Mary". You got her for your first Christmas. Fisher Price made some just like the one Santa made you.

  7. Love, love, love this post! I, too, was a lover of dolls and mommy-ed baby dolls for a very long time, so having girls has been the most exciting extension of that. You are so lucky that you still have so many of your dolls to share with your new doll. (Mine ended up being destroyed like that scary doll in Toy Story I!) P.S. Was I in the Algebra III class that Franni visited????

  8. I can't imagine that the girl who carried her giant plastic pencil filled with pens & pencils to class all the way from Kindergarten through college would worry about taking a doll to school. Remember that giant pencil, Tiff?

  9. Hey Tiff,
    I don't think you were in my Algebra III class. I know this because I just found a photograph of my Algebra III class as I was going through all my stuff to unpack. AND - just so everyone knows, I never took a doll to high school (or college or my 8th grade classroom).
    Tiff starts her first ever year of teaching this week! Best wishes and God bless you and your students!!! Love ya!

  10. Francy, of course, I remember her giant pencil! (I hadn't thought of it in years, but I did have the privilege of using that pencil in my skit during class night. Ha!) Hayley, thank you for the kind wishes! I love that you are my "neighbor!"

  11. Grandma Francy feels terrible that Franni Delores and her sisters, brothers, and pets went home before she had a chance to take their picture for her blog. Their mommy loved them up as soon as they got home so I think all is forgiven.

  12. I remember most of these dolls, Hayley!!!! Especially, the little blonde with red clothes (can't remember her name!!!!). They are certainly treasures to keep and give to Molly some day. Freeman has Bill's beloved, tattered teddy bear.