Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Planning & Grading

I have an issue with having things just the way I want them.
If it doesn't meet my requirements, I try to fix it or change it or finagle it until it does.
Example: My planning/grade book
The first year I taught at Mesquite Junior High, the previous teacher had left 2 plan books. They were old, but never used, and they were perfect! It had everything I require in a lesson planning book, and nothing I don't. I was able to squeeze two years in each planning book getting me through the first 4 years at MJHS, but then last year, I had a dilemma. I needed another "perfect" plan book. Yes, I have shopped teacher supply stores, office supply stores (including my favorite Mardel), shopped online, etc... Nothing. So, I made a photocopy of one of the pages in my "perfect" plan books, whited things out, and decided to make my own. Then I had this terrific idea to consolidate my lesson plan book with my grade book. Yes, I do realize that I am one of maybe two teachers left in the world who still write their grades by hand before entering them into the computer. That is another one of my issues...I want to be prepared just in case something happens to the computer software program housing all 170 of my students' many grades. Which if you are familiar with my school district, you might know that I have good reason to fear. Anyway, my newly created book worked superbly. So much so, that I made another this year. And no one can say I'm not green. Not only do I recycle here at home, I recycle at school through our recycling program and by using the backs of copy paper for more assignments, etc... This year, my lesson plan book/grade book is also green. I used paper sacks from items we purchased on our recent trip to Washington, Idaho, and Montana. The front is from Yokes Fresh Market, and the back is from Fred Meyer. I loved the stores, I loved the trip, and I thought it would be a delightful way to remember fun times when I am not doing such fun things...such as grading and planning.

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  1. Wow! I am impressed. I bet you could sell those!! Seriously... make a little money on the side!