Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As Far As the NFL Goes...

We are Denver Broncos fans. Broncos pillowcases, Elway jerseys, & Denver bumper stickers. Aaron has loved the Broncos his whole life, and when we got married he agreed to be a Sooner fan if I agreed to be a Broncos fan. Seeing as how I could not have cared less at the time about the NFL, that was a done deal. The deal has stuck. Living out towards the west coast means we cross our fingers every week that we'll get to see a televised Broncos game. When we do, Aaron is screaming and hollering through the entire game.

So, although I am a Broncos fan, that doesn't mean I don't have other teams I root for. For instance, who could live in Phoenix and not love the Arizona Cardinals with Kurt Warner? What an outstanding role model he is!

Furthermore, for the last couple of seasons, I have kept my eye on the Minnesota Vikings, and as long as they aren't playing the Broncos, I cheer for them. I mean, come on, ADRIAN PETERSON! He is after all the best running back in the history of the world. (Don't argue with me - I will win.) He makes me proud when I watch him. Then, with this latest draft, the Vikings picked up another former OU Sooner: Phil Loadholt! I'm so happy! But then...drumroll...with yesterday's news, I am overjoyed! Brett Favre!!! No way! So, you better believe I will be makin' some noise for the Vikings this season! In fact, Aaron and I are hoping to see the Vikings play the Cardinals in Glendale this year. Two outstanding quarterbacks leading the way. (And maybe a couple of OU players will actually win a game in Arizona...)

P.S. I just wish the Broncos could find a decent quarterback. It would make life with Aaron a bit easier! (grin)


  1. This post was TERRIFIC! I seriously read it out loud to Brian. He laughed and enjoyed it too!
    However, I must tell you how totally upset I am with Brett Favre. Retire already, would ya?! And all this nonsense just makes me like John Elway even more!
    Maybe you and Aaron should think about coming to a Bronco game with us???

  2. WHAT A HOMER!!! AP the best running back in the history of the NFL, Phil LoadWHO!! Put down the koolaide you will be dismissed from your teaching of our future leaders soon if you continue this madness.
    As for Aaron, Kyle Orton couldn't quarterback the BEARS....enough said. He's in trouble.
    Favre makes me want to puke. Traitors or teams looking for that "final piece of the puzzle" never win, see the following (Last years Favre Jets!!! Broncos never the same since Plummer left from the Cardinals, Joe Namath left the Jets for the Rams who arent even around anymore, Montana finished with the Chiefs who are arguably the worst in the league, behind the Raiders who had Jerry Rice for 2 years before he finished with Seattle who is barely above par, Emmitt Smith Cardinals, Tony Dorsett Broncos, Franco (Freakin) Harris finished as a Seahawk, OJ (the glove don't fit) Simpson finished as a 49er). The list goes on and on.
    The main reason for my comment is this........FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! Let all the debating begin.
    Oh by the way, you guys are awesome and we will see you tomorrow night!!