Monday, August 10, 2009

Make Lemonade in a Vase

First Day of School...
What a day - the beginning of my 8th year of teaching.
I love English. I love 8th graders. I love Mesquite Junior High.
The first day is always so weird...
I miss last year's students, but I look forward to learning to love these new students.
I wonder what is in store for us this year as I spend 5 days a week with these teenagers - teaching writing, reading, poetry, and grammar.

Every year, Aaron spoils me on the first day of school with a bouquet of flowers.
I secretly wonder every year if he will do it again.
I never say anything ahead of time.
He never forgets.
This year, the bouquet is called, "Make Lemonade in a Vase". I love it.
A lemon even rests in the bottom of the vase.


  1. What a beautiful classroom! Post more pics from your room. I love seeing how you set everything up!

  2. I miss the excitment of the first day of school!! Now I get excited for the structure that reenters my house, I get sad for the quietness that follows ( I really do LOVE my kids at home and miss them when they are gone all day - i don't think I realized that when I taught that some of their momma's were home missing them), and I get ANXIOUS ALL DAY on that first day to hear how it went!! I pray every year my kids get teachers that will LOVE them and help them LOVE learning! Oh how I wish all teachers would build UP every child that walks in their room! Ian starts on Wed. Your post just made me think of how the "first day" excitment has changed for me over the years!! ENJOY the beginning of school! Love ya girl!