Saturday, August 20, 2011


1) Expedition Impossible:  An adventure race TV show on ABC, similar to The Amazing Race, but a little more rugged.  The teams are racing through Morocco while swimming, hiking, jumping out of planes, rafting, kayaking, sleeping in tents, riding on camels, etc...  Aaron and I love it, and we look forward to it every Thursday night.  We are amazed by the team, No Limits. Each team has 3 members, and No Limits has one blind man (Erik), Jeff, the friend who leads Erik, and a man who broke his foot while on the expedition (Ike).  They just won't stop.  Seriously, Erik is totally inspirational, and we both say we want a friend like as well as need to be a friend like, Jeff.  Then, Ike just gives everything he has to his team because he doesn't want to let them down even though he is running with a broken foot. We found ourselves out of our seats Thursday night at the end of the episode.   There is only the finale left (if you read this post Saturday - I think they re-air the show on Saturday evenings), but you should watch it.  Be amazed.  It is true grit and determination if I've ever seen it.

2) Speaking of True Grit, we watched the movie last weekend, and I enjoyed the humor. We also watched The Lincoln Lawyer.  Redbox is our new friend.

3) If you are a fan of the Fairview Yellowjackets or the OSU Cowboys and you have a young daughter, Gymboree has the most adorable orange/white leggings and black/orange flouncy skirts.  Adorable!  It is with their Halloween line, but I think it would match any Fairview or OSU t-shirt, and your daughter will look super cute on game days!  I'm available as a personal shopper any time.

4) Sunflower Market opens on August 31!!!  Finally, a healthy grocery store other than Akins.  I've never even heard of a place taking so long to be built as Whole Foods.  Come ON!

5) I need a nap.

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