Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Molly LOVES to play outside.  I love to play outside with her.  Aaron loves to play outside with her.  Fletcher, well, he puts up with her squealing and pulling and pounding and her trying to feed him rocks and leaves and dirt.  The sad deal is that she takes after her mommy and attracts every single mosquito in a 100 mile radius.  I'm not kidding.  We had to take a week long "break" from going outside to play.  Last night, we ventured out, for 20 seconds, and I didn't even see it as I was taking the picture.  That stupid mosquito!!!!  I wanted to cry.
I do put bug spray on her.  I have this Avon bug spray, and for the most part it does okay.  I spray it on my hands and rub it on her.  I don't put it on her face, though, and it washes off in the little pool.  This is in the backyard.  The front yard, away from trees and plants is better for her, but then there are cars to watch for in case she makes a run for it.  The good thing is that I immediately put cream on her bite, and it went down really quickly.


  1. oh she is so precious... love this picture (even with the mosquito)! those eyes!!!

    we are all covered in bites too. worst part of summer, for sure!

  2. Molly is beautiful- even with a mean ole mosquito!!!! She takes after her Aunt Jordy who came home from Bible camp one year with 157 huge mosquito bites!!!!! Yes!!! We counted!!!!

  3. Cute pic! Hope those mosquitos will leave her sweetness alone!! If you get one of those private jets let me know . . I have a few places I'd like to go too. HA!