Thursday, June 9, 2011

Movie Poster...sort of

Sunday, we were checking Molly into the nursery, and the sweet gal told us that they put a picture of Molly up in the hall.  She told us where to go to see it, but church was starting, so we had to hustle into the sanctuary.  After church was over, we picked Molly up (which is a race each Sunday to see which one of us can get to her first!) and headed down the ramp, turned right, and walked down the long hall expecting to see a 4x6 of Molly pinned to a bulletin board.  We were flabbergasted to see the HUGE photo of Molly framed on the wall between 2 other little cuties' pictures.  Unbelievable.  We walked halfway out to the car and turned around to go take a photo of the photo with Aaron's phone.

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  1. How COOL is that!!!! Love it. Which church are you all attending? I have an "old" friend that goes to Henderson Hills.