Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Just for fun, and fun we had.
My favorite grocery store of ALL TIME = Sprouts.
My favorite section of Sprouts = The Bulk Aisles 
Eating at Uncle Julio's.
I had saved my Christmas money and birthday shopping ensued...North Park Mall (where I got my new Swatch watch that I'd been eyeing online for months), Ikea (Molly's table and chairs), Sprouts, REI, Allen Outlets, Homegoods, Paradise Bakery, Hillstone (formerly Houston's), etc...  It is hard to believe, but it is true:  I walked into Sprinkles, took a whiff, and turned around and walked out.  Not that I didn't want one of their superb and delightful cupcakes, it is that we were waiting for our table at Hillstone, and it was closed by the time we were finished eating.  The new In and Out is open, but even after a month of service, the lines are still over 2 hours from open to close.  CRAZY!  We are used to just walking in and ordering the best burger, fries, and shake in the world...not waiting in an insane line.  Maybe next time we go the newness will have worn off a bit.

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  1. What? Uncle Julio's right here in Ft. Worth?? Next time give us a call ... we'll come eat with ya! :) Glad you had fun!

    - Jodi G.