Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Molly was...

a flower girl!

We made a trip back to the fabulous state of Arizona for Jenna (Aaron's cousin) and Ryan's wedding. We left at the perfect time to miss all of the below freezing temps here in OK and relish in the 70+ sunshine of the desert. I will post more of the trip later, but the highlight was Molly being a flower girl in an amazingly lovely wedding.This flower girl duo consisted of most likely the youngest flower girl (Molly) and the oldest flower girl (me-who technically was not a flower girl, just the transporter of the flower girl) walking down the grassy aisle of the gorgeous outdoor ceremony. Gorgeous is no exaggeration...the wedding had "Jenna and Ryan" flair, and it oozed with their love for each other and for God. The tiniest details were personal and clever and oh-so-fun to experience.
Molly held up to the long hours and mass of family, friends, and strangers...but there were definitely times the little 9-month old did not know what to think. This has to be one of the most precious photographs of the wedding: a glowing Jenna holding an upset Molly... an elated Ryan holding a displeased Brody (the ring bearer who just happens to be Molly's cousin) soon after the wedding.
What a night, what an event, what a special memory.


  1. Super cute pic of Jenna & Molly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a precious little flower girl. And, the wedding looked absolutely beautiful. Glad you all had a good trip.