Monday, September 13, 2010


When I taught 6th grade for one year in Arizona, we had to go to the door and get our line of students in the morning when it was time for school to begin. One day I was leading my students to the classroom, and I put my hand on a little girl's shoulder. She was wearing her backpack which meant my hand was on her thick shoulder strap. I got stung. It was the oddest thing. There was no bee or wasp. The bee must have stung her in the strap, and it left the stinger for ME! It stung as if I had been stung by the actual bee. It was so weird and not fun. But I was a trooper, I could handle it.

During tryouts one year when I coached junior high soccer in Arizona, a little 7th grader was running and got stung by a bee on the tip top of her head. But she was a trooper and could handle it.

Last Friday, a man came to mark the underground lines in our backyard because they are going to move our gas meter. He got stung by a wasp in his eyebrow. He kept telling me that it would have been a trip to the ER if it had hit his eye. He said, "But, I'm a trooper. I can handle it." He got out some wasp killer and sprayed the nest. We've lived here for a couple of months, and we'd never seen a wasp.

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