Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby News

Molly has named our little baby, Tot - maybe I should spell it Tott - because she really emphasizes the last T.  It is hilarious.  She started calling her, Tot, about a month or so ago, and it stuck.  First, she'd say it when I asked her what the baby in my tummy's name is, but now she will see a baby item and say, "Tot" and refer to the baby as Tot all the time.  I try to ask her where she came up with the name, but her answer is in words that I have yet to learn in "Molly Language".  It melts my heart and makes me laugh.

Molly is full of ideas and creativity.  She cracks me up constantly.  Just now she walked in wearing one of my high heels, holding a little newborn hat (that she stole from the drying rack - see paragraph below), wearing Aaron's Pelican hard plastic iPod case on her arm like a purse, wearing her Minnie Mouse jammies, and carrying a hammer that goes to one of her toys, a Minnie Mouse stuffed toy, and a Dr. Seuss book.  I'm not sure how this all goes together, but it works for her.

I've been working on my LIST of THINGS TO DO BEFORE THE BABY COMES...  It is lengthy and mostly "nesting" items.  I didn't "nest" with Molly since we were living in the rental, never unpacked fully, and weren't staying there long.  This time, I've been working my tail off.  Besides all the cleaning and organizing, I finished the baby's quilt on Tuesday and her name banner (similar to Molly's - see photo below) today.  I washed all of Molly's newborn clothes last night, have the baby's coming home outfit ready, a new diaper bag, and fun little things I've collected for this baby all ready to go.  We have Molly's "Big Sister" outfit ready, and I'm working on other little details.  I still have many things to do around the house as I feel like once the baby comes I'll never have a chance to do anything ever again.  I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy - the jabs, kicks, rolls, punches, stomach that sticks so far out that I hit furniture with it and can't get comfortable in the car.  It is such a gift and honor, and I'm truly to the uncomfortable stage where getting off the couch and trying to sleep is a chore.  :)  So far everything is great at the doctor visits, and he seems fairly certain that the baby will not come early and will need to be induced.  We'll see...  This baby won't be allowed to come 9 days after her due date (like Molly) - Hallelujah!

Sneak peek of the baby's quilt - I won't show the whole thing because I embroidered her name on part of it.I went with red and pink fabrics that I bought from the United Kingdom several years ago.  I ordered them online, and I've been hoarding them ever since.  I LOVE how it turned out.  As of now, she doesn't get her own room.
First of all, how did Molly grow up so fast?
Secondly, the new baby's name banner is very similar to Molly's, but with her name and her red/pink fabrics of course.


  1. Keep enjoying your nesting!!! can't wait to hear the news and hear the name.!

  2. Just darling!!! You are so talented!!!! We are praying for a safe arrival!!!! We love her vert much!!!! Love, Nana,Papa and Dodes