Monday, September 19, 2011

Walsh, Co

Aaron grew up in Walsh, & it has an extremely special place in our hearts.  He kissed me for the very first time in that little town.  Aaron loves the people there, and the people love him. It was terrific to return for the first time since we've been married.  Aaron's grandfather started the Walsh Baptist Church, & Aaron's dad was the minister there for many years, too.
The church just celebrated 50 years, so we went to join in the celebration.

Molly got Maci Quinn from her Nana and Aunt Jordan.
We got to meet Bella for the first time!

One of the highlights was seeing Aaron's Aunt Sis, Uncle Troy, and their granddaughter, Emma.
Troy had been Medevaced (Medical Evacuation) to Denver just a few days prior to their visit.  This was the first chance they'd had to meet Molly.  Both Sis and Troy mean the world to Aaron, and we'd give anything to have Emma live close to babysit!
Aunt Sis and Aaron's dad...both were present at the dedication of the church 50 years ago. 

One of the highlights for me, I mean, Molly, was playing with the Care Bear collection at Debbie's house.
Debbie and Steve were so nice to let us crash there. (Anyone have a collection of the vintage miniature sized Care Bears you'd like to sell?)
Playing with Brody

Molly loved Bella and her Aunt Jordan.  We wish she lived closer to babysit, too! 
Papa, Nana, and their three grandchildren
These two crying in a photograph seems vaguely familiar!  Anyone remember this just 9 months ago?

Walsh, we love you!  We'll be back!
This was the last time we were there!


  1. Loved the pics especially the one with Molly's hand on Bella's nose!

  2. What a super fun weekend that was!!! So glad we could all be there together! It was such a blessing to our hearts! We love you!!!! These were great pictures! Love Nana, Papa, and Dodes

  3. Totally love the pictures. Looks like you had such a great time!

  4. That pic of you two at the end was awesome . . . brought back some memories. Hope you find those care bears .. . i noticed them in the pic right away. :))