Monday, May 23, 2011

Eggs & Such

Molly doesn't show much interest in food.  Bringing me dead leaves, trying to feed Fletcher rocks, rubbing mud on my legs, and emptying out the desk drawers are more her speed.  But, she is more likely to eat if she can get the food out of the bowl herself and feed it to herself especially if it is on a fork.  This time it was eggs.
You might notice in this top photo that there are two forks.  That is because I had to fill one while she ate off the other and then switch.

I had a birthday this past week, and it is best if you don't ask about it.  
I did make myself a lemon cake, though.
It was scrumptious, and I should know since I ate most of it myself. 

 We celebrated my birthday (a few days after the fact) yesterday at my grandparents.  I requested my dad's lasagna, bread, & salad.  Mom made Grandma's famous brownies.  Grandpa was in charge of ice cream, and Grandma made her sweet tea.  Yummy and fun.  The neatest thing, though, is that Molly really knows my grandparents (especially my grandma), and Grandpa got her to eat an M & M even though all the women were telling him not to.  He thought it was hilarious.  She found the stash of Snickers bars, too, which no one in the house even knew about (except Grandma).  That's Molly.  She is curious and gets into everything.

Molly and Aunt Brooke

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  1. I do believe your Grandpa Homer will NEVER grow up! :)