Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 Months...12 Years

Another BIG day in our family...
On June 6, 2010 ~ Molly turned 2 months old. She is an absolute treasure. Her smiles are the most beautiful sight Aaron and I have ever seen. Our hearts burst when she blesses us with her toothless mega-smile!

Molly's neck has always been stronger than I thought a newborn's would be, but she now holds her head up high & proud & strong. She is obviously smiling BIG, HUGE smiles, and she is sleeping very well! Aaron and I tell her and anyone who will listen what a fantastic baby she is - very mild-mannered, so sweet, content, loving, and delightful. There are moments of "I-need-to-eat-this-second!" -OR- "I'm-so-tired-I-can't-go-to-sleep!", but truly, she is a treasure and joy to be around.

Aaron and I also celebrated our 12 year anniversary on June 6. I can't believe 12 years have passed. Aaron has always been the man of my dreams and prayers, and now he is the best daddy I could have ever imagined. My heart overflows with love for my man and my girl.

In other news: I broke my ring-finger toe on my right foot. Super.


  1. Adorable! Have you sent pictures to Grandma Belle lately?

  2. Oh I am so glad you posted pictures again. I have been waiting and waiting!! You are a beautiful family! Oh how I love all three of you!

  3. I thought of the two of you on your anniversary. One week after ours. The summer we all got married was the summer of weddings! Hope you were able to do something fun to celebrate! Adorable pictures too. Molly is beautiful!

  4. I too have been waiting for this post. I love you all three dearly. Look very forward to the updates & precious photos. :)

  5. Happy belated anniversary!!!! I did think of you on the 6th. Molly is so darn stinkin cute I can hardly stand it!!!! You all look fantastic and I can see the joy in your faces.
    Love Rhonda

  6. Love these pictures . . . her smile is amazing! I still remember your wedding like it was yesterday! It was a beautiful day!! CONGRATS girl!!